A redeeming basketball story – a moving tribute to childhood friends who moved beyond race and healed the town’s racial divide. Enjoy hearing from the many people who lived in Gallatin when the turmoil hit its peak.

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Behind the Scenes of More Than Rivals

Frank Brinkley, Union High Grad, Remembers Bill Ligon

George Offit Remembers Bill Ligon

Coach Jerry Vradenburg Talks About Coaching Eddie Sherlin

Bill & Eddie Show Us the Old Dirt Basketball Court

1960s Gallatin TN Black Neighborhood

Eddie Shows Us the Railroad Tracks in Gallatin TN

Andrew Turner talks about school segregation

Eddie talks about Krispy Kreme Doughnut antics

Eddie Sherlin Meets Bill Ligon – Childhood Friends

John Alexander Talks About Going To The Palace Theater

Julian Buford Talks About Segregation in the 1960s

Benny Bills talks about segregation in Gallatin TN

Betty Sherlin Shaw speaks from her heart

Eddie Sherlin talks about the fear…

Ken Abraham author of No Slam Dunk

Andrew Turner about Union High

Bill Ligon about Union Elementary School

Bill Ligon Discusses Rosenwald Schools

Bill Ligon gets to know Eddie through baseball

Buddy Bruce Talks about Friendship with Eddie Sherlin

Buddy Bruce Talks about Young Eddie Sherlin

Roscoe Orman Interviews Eddie Sherlin

Betty Sherlin Shaw & Jim Sherlin on Their Son Eddie