Bill Ligon Talks About Growing Up in Gallatin


The childhood years of our two main characters, Bill Ligon and Eddie Sherlin, are important to the No Slam Dunk story.  As you read No Slam Dunk, you will get to know not only the personalities of the boys, but the personalities of their family members, their friends, their teachers, and others in the Gallatin communtiy, and you will see the influence those people have on the boys’ lives as they grow and change throughout the book.

We have talked in depth with Bill and Eddie, and the people who surround them, about their lives and about the environment they were raised in, and we have provided some of these interviews on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy!

In our most recently released YouTube video, Bill Ligon tells us firsthand about growing up in Gallatin and talks about what it was like to be a member of the Ligon household as a child.

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